Facebook is about to enable shopping through its pages

It was a rumour that Facebook was going to introduce the ‘buy’ button into its system. Now it is for a fact that Facebook is coming up with a new and revolutionary section on its pages. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg introduced two new sections ‘Shopping’ and ‘Services’  during a press event at the Facebook headquarters. There’s going to be a ‘Buy’ button on Facebook very soon.

Featured image

This new update represents Facebook’s big step into commerce world after they introduced the money transferring through Facebook. This means that Facebook is trying to become more than a social network where people can socialize and share,  they want people to also shop inside it. This will increase Facebook’s already high revenues and also make us users more dependent on its services. Featured image

There is also the businesses side of this huge update by Facebook. The new Shopping and Services sections are going to help businesses to better interact with their customers through Facebook. The new buttons such as ‘Call now’, ‘Send message’ and ‘Contact us’ is gonna be very beneficial for both customers and the businesses, also ‘Donate’ button is going to be useful for non-profits to raise money for their causes.

Featured imageIn any case, this new feature by Facebook is going to effect the commerce world and its almost certain that the market is never going to be the same after…

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Do you think that this new feature by Facebook is going to have a big impact in the market which will eventually cause problems for commerce giants such as Amazon or Ebay?


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