Twitter Partners With DoubleClick, Acquires Martech Firm TellApart

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Twitter announced a partnership with DoubleClick and the acquisition of TellApart, both aimed at improving the way it measures advertising performance and attribution.

“Advertisers will be able to buy Promoted Tweets via DoubleClick later this year. Both moves are aimed at wooing more direct response advertisers with better cross-device measurement and attribution.”

Google’s DoubleClick platform will give Twitter advertisers the ability to track conversions that result from views and other actions on Twitter. Simply put, when implemented later this year, this partnership will give Twitter better data to show direct marketers how advertising on Twitter pays off.

“Through this partnership, DoubleClick clients will be able to buy Twitter’s Promoted Tweet ad format via DoubleClick Bid Manager across mobile (including in-app) and desktop.”

Twitter senior director of product management Ameet Ranadive explains, “Consumers now move fluidly between apps, devices and platforms, and we need measurement models that take this behavior into account. For marketers to truly understand the consumer path to conversion across multiple devices and platforms, measurement systems have to move beyond traditional attribution models. And we want advertisers to have insights into the rich canvas of actions beyond website clicks on platforms like ours (e.g. Retweets) and the role they play in determining a campaign’s ROI.”

Twitter’s acquisition of TellApart, a marketing technology firm that provides retailers and e-commerce businesses with cross-device retargeting through dynamic product ads and email marketing, is also aimed at improving the network’s direct response capabilities.

TellApart helps retailers and e-commerce advertisers leverage customer data to drive sales through personalized marketing across digital channels and devices. Twitter believes it can extend TellApart’s services internationally and to industries beyond retail.

“TellApart’s strength in personalization, dynamic product ads, commerce data and with retail advertisers are strong complements to Twitter’s deep experience in mobile, understanding users and the app ecosystem.”

Essentially, Twitter wants to help performance advertisers reach users on desktop an mobile with dynamic product ads.

Questions to consider:

  1.  With this partnership and acquisition, there will now be Twitter ads that follow users from desktop to mobile and back. What are your thoughts on this? Is this something that you would be interested in, and would consider actually clicking, or does the idea of advertisements that follow you across multiple platforms make you feel uneasy?
  2. Twitter’s CEO was an angel investor in TellApart. Does this news make you think differently of the acquisition, as there may be a conflict of interests?
  3. Do you believe this strategy, of buying ads technology and partnering with top players, could help Twitter better leverage its place in people’s lives to become a serious money-maker?

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