LinkedIn Raises Its Social Media Game With Elevate, an App For Employees To Suggest And Share Stories

LinkedIn is taking the wraps off Elevate, a new tool for companies to curate content and push it to their employees to share on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The point is that employers can share content with employees, who can then share it to their own personal networks, which are likely to be more in tune with the employee – based on job – than with the business itself. This makes sense for content that’s geared toward specific areas of expertise, and this kind of sharing is more effective, based on the findings that LinkedIn shared in its announcement. According to LinkedIn, the average employee has ten times as many connections as a company has followers. It also says that people are three times more likely to trust company information from employees than from the CEO.

“Lots of professionals share content – like articles, blog posts, and presentations – on social and professional networks to strengthen their professional brands,” said LinkedIn’s Will Sun. “And lots of companies share content on social and professional networks to attract talent, and market and sell their products and services. But relatively few companies recognize that when they empower their employees to be social professionals, they not only change the trajectory of their employees’ careers, they change the trajectory of their businesses as well.”

Elevate also provides analytics both for employees and companies. Employees can find how many times the content they’ve shared has been liked, commented on, and re-shared. They’ll also be able to see who viewed their profile and requested to connect as a result of the content they shared. The companies get the same data as well as things like job views, Company Page followers, hires, leads, and sales. For now, Elevate is available by invitation only, but will be generally available by Q3, at which point, pricing details will reportedly become available.

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Some companies do not encourage their employees to be more socially active to build their personal brands because they are afraid that their top talent may be poached by other company. However, others find that strengthen employee can find an increased sense of pride and company can increase their sales.

So, do you think LinkedIn Elevate will succeed?


4 thoughts on “LinkedIn Raises Its Social Media Game With Elevate, an App For Employees To Suggest And Share Stories

  1. I think this is actually a great idea. Professionals read articles and share it with their internal networks, but this is a nice way for professionals and business partners to share information, industry news, and articles without having to individually email it to your network. It has the possibility of succeeding especially as Linked-in increases it’s membership.

  2. I think that the issued raised about the potential for “poaching,” employees is a very interesting one. While I can understand why some firms may have that fear, and it might be for good reason, I can also see the other side of the coin. I think that a firm can successfully leverage it’s employees use of social to increase awareness and perhaps perceived value of its organization. I am unclear whether or not “Elevate,” will be successful. I think that the pricing structure will play a huge role, once it is announced.

  3. Elevate is a very interesting concept and in this scenario, I can see this being a valuable tool for both the employee as well as the company. I think building a personal brand is important and perhaps for employees of a Social company this makes much more sense. I know in my profession, I see many contacts share content and I am more likely to look at that and read it from personal contacts that I know than from a company posting it on networks such as LinkedIn. I think Elevate will succeed if they are able to leverage it in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the employee and the company. Poaching of employees may be real, but I think that is something common in the industry and it would/will be happening regardless of this app and personal branding.

  4. I think Elevate will succeed too. Anything that can increase the interaction between potential employees, employers, etc will help. This will also give people a better idea of each other’s personality instead of just reading their endorsements and resume.

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