If the goal of the new Snapchat emoji best friends thing was to make people hate each other, it worked

Snapchat just stealthily launched a “HUGE” update. Snapchat brought back the “Best Friends” feature that allows their users to look at each others’ profile to see whom they’re communicating with most often. Instead of seeing your “best friends” ranked as they used to be, you will now get to follow an emoji coda to see who your most snapped buddies really are.

Users will begin to see emojis next to some of their Snapchat friends’ names that indicate the status of their photo-sharing friendship.

Here’s a basic explanation.

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There’s drama in the forecast.

Link: http://www.businessinsider.com/hate-new-snapchat-update-emoji-2015-4


1. How many users will really like to use this emoji to rank their friend list?

2. Do you want others to have the right to access your friend list?

3. Why do you think that Snapchat launches this feature? Is it because mos of their users are millennial?

Linda Zhang


4 thoughts on “If the goal of the new Snapchat emoji best friends thing was to make people hate each other, it worked

  1. The user based reviews of this new emoji feature seem mixed at best. I think that for most users will really like to use to rank their friends. This feature allows its users to view a dashboard of sorts, access their interactivity with their friends. I think that users of this app, rely heavily on real time (or as close to it) feedback.

    I personally would not want others to have any access to my friend list. I think that this removes an element of privacy that could be important in our personal lives. For example, if an individual has two friends that are involved in some kind of relationship, and it terminates, and the friend wishes to maintain a connection to both, that friend faces the potential of losing them both.

    Snapchat most likely launched this feature to cater to its millennial user base. I do not believe that the older generation, if it is using Snapchat, cares about any kind of metrics that are in place to see on what varying degree their friends interact with each other.

    • Totally agree here, this would seem to definitely be a play for its millennial user base. I think the user base installed currently is very interested in one another’s interactions with others and this allows a way for friends to see who each other really does engage with.

      I would not be a fan of this type of feature, as I think this crosses the line a bit as far as privacy issues. One should not have to worry about speaking to someone on a particular app just because other friends can see who you are interacting with. Jealously will certainly play a huge part here on the more immature users and in this day and age, I hate to say it, but this feature can actually lead to physical altercations as crazy as that might sound.

      Also, to clarify on ability to see friend lists, I don’t find that to be as big of a deal as we’re able to do that on most other social applications including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Though, the ability to see real-time stats for who one is interacting with the most and basically a “ranked” list is a bit much.

  2. In my opinion, I don’t like to use this to seriously rank my friendships. However, I am still curious what kind of result I can get. I believe few of the users would take it seriously. It’s similar to Buzzfeed’s test, everyone is testing something, but few of them would really believe in the result of test.
    I don’t like to share my friend list with strangers. But I am willing to share it with my friends. I believe if we are friends, then it’s possible that my friends’ friends would become friends with me.
    I thinks Snapchat wants to use this feature to generate some buzz on the social media. Now, lots of users are talking about this feature on social media, not only on snapchat, but also on Fb and Twitter. It would make more people curious and download and use the APP. Of course, I don’t believe it would really make friends hate each other.

  3. I didn’t even know about this emoji Snapchat system, and I’m supposed to be the class resident “Snapchat user.” I’m honestly not a fan of the emoji system because I don’t understand the point. I only care about my best friends, but don’t really care whether I am someone else’s best friend or not.

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