How Kanye West Dominated Fashion Month (No Surprise, It Involved Social Media)

The de facto pose at fashion shows (for those, that is, in the stands, not those on the runways) is smartphone in hand, hand held high, the better to capture every look and moment for social-media posterity.

The advent of Instagram, Twitter and the ever-growing portfolio of social media platforms is changing the way fashion shows, and even fashion itself, are made. But now, a look at data provided by Instagram and by Twitter can give an indication how much.

On Instagram, the king of fashion month was a newcomer to the schedule, if not to fashion and certainly not to the public eye: Kanye West, who staged a presentation for his new collection with Adidas. Mr. West’s show had the most engagement of all the month’s shows on Instagram, the company said.

The show, likely boosted by a front row that included Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jay Z and Beyoncé, also had the most Twitter engagement of any shown during New York Fashion Week, and more tweets than the corresponding top shows in any other city (London, Milan or Paris).

Among London shows, Burberry was the week’s most Instagrammed show, as well as the most tweeted. In Milan, it was Moschino on Instagram, and Gucci on Twitter.

Valentino’s show, was the most-tweeted Paris Fashion Week show, with tweets peaking at 740 a minute. But on Instagram, Valentino and Chanel were both edged out by Balmain in the full monthlong period.

Instagram arrived at these measures by looking at all photos containing fashion week hashtags, designer-specific handles and keywords, and by compiling “likes” and comments in the period from Feb. 12 to March 12. Twitter searched by fashion week hashtags, and tabbed top shows within the context of their individual fashion week periods.

Both companies declined to provide measurements of engagement for specific shows, though throughout the month, 25 million people engaged with fashion week content on Instagram, resulting in more than 140 million likes and comments. The hashtagged conversation around fashion week in roughly the same monthlong period accounted for about 2.5 million tweets.

Looking at data from the top shows, as well as the individual social-media postings that garnered the most attention, a clear pattern emerges. As unique as it is, in some ways, fashion month is just like any other month: ruled by the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

The top two Instagram moments around the fashion weeks, measured in terms of likes and comments, were from the phone of Kendall Jenner. An image of her walking in the street earned more than a million likes, putting her in the rare million-plus club inhabited by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

The second, currently holding at more than 900,000 likes and 30,000 comments, is of Ms. Jenner backstage at the Kors show, alongside her best pal, Gigi Hadid.


What will fashion industry change you see in the future in terms of social media?


2 thoughts on “How Kanye West Dominated Fashion Month (No Surprise, It Involved Social Media)

  1. I think the fashion industry will change because of social media just like any other industry. Fashion companies may try to personalize fashion experiences to individual people. For example, social media may alert fashion companies based on certain buying trends and appeal certain products to people.

    • Yes. Fashion companies can gather information to see the trend today and in the future. Also, people will be attracted by the products that posted on social media. Actually, other than fashion companies, there are many personal fashion bloggers existing in social media. Fashion brands contact with the influencers who have millions followers to promote the products.

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