Social Media is Changing the Way We Date


Thanks to the advanced development of Web 2.0 and technology, we are now able to stay connected with others whenever and wherever (we have internet access) we want. Facebook offers us to share our daily lives and follow up with the celebrities as well as to read the news on it, while Twitter is allowing users to share personal thoughts and critics about anything they want. Instagram helps editing photos that makes them more attractive to the audience and is just like a life album of users, while Snapchat appeals to folks who would like to share and follow interesting things in lives and attract others within a short amount of time. In general, these social media are making our lives more convenient and fun in many ways by providing platforms to the users to interact with each other. An additional point social media provide is that it triggers the intention of people to connect with strangers because hiding at the back of the computer/ mobile phones are more comfortable than meeting in person. In other words, social media enable us to be connected to the entire world. However, Rachael Oakes-Ash, a famous blogger has learned that this mechanism of social media is changing the way and feeling we date from the past.

For example, firstly it becomes more and more common that people are taking photos of what they are having for the date and then get the delicacies posted on their social media. Secondly, it can be seen that couples of friends are just using their phones without conversations on the table. In addition, we might overhear (or this might be happening to all of us) many conversations that are about their new dates and acquaintances, showing the profile or photo of the new friend to others. People started to be judgmental on others’ posts, profiles and what they comment on those social media.

Since when has social media changed our dates and lives to this mode? Believing whom a person really is by buying how he or she looks on the social media platform? Our thoughts on Twitter and posts on Instagram now decide the first impression from others, but how would this even lead to true loves?

Think about the life without smartphones, we were more likely to enjoy all the eye contact, emotion and feelings when we actually get to know others in person. In addition, we might even truly enjoy the taste of the meal we are having instead of taking the picture and upload it online, catch up the music the restaurant is playing and collect the memory of every moment. However, this is not to say that smartphones and social media are not needed but when these technology has made our lives much more easier, we need to spare sometime to “Stop” and slower down the pace and focus more on the face-to-face interaction with others, and have a deep conversation sitting together instead of using short messages.

My questions are

  1. Do you think social media has made us more connected to each other or less?
  1. Is there any ideal/ innovative way to keep social media from interrupting our interactions with others in our daily life? (Except quitting it)

Link to the articles:

Yun-Chen (Kimberly), Tsai


4 thoughts on “Social Media is Changing the Way We Date

  1. I believe that social media is make us more connected to each other. 9 years ago, I left my hometown and went to a high school in another city. Then I nearly lost all the connections with my friends in middle school. Even though I had some of their phone number, but I did not have so much time to call them regularly. But when I went to college, I could keep connected with my classmates and friends all around the country because of Renren, a social media platform in China. Now I am in US, I can also talk to people on the other side of the planet through WeChat. Thanks to social media.
    In my opinion, I do realize the side effects that social media is interrupting our daily interactions with others. I don’t have a solution right now. If I have one, I would definitely make lots of money by selling the idea. But I don’t think quitting social media is not a good idea as the boundaries between social media life and real life is less and less clear. Social media is becoming part of our daily life. It should not be quieted.

  2. The discussion of how social media has changed the way that we “connect,” to one another is fascinating. While an argument can be made that it has connected us more so than without it, so to can the argument be made that the quality of those connections have suffered. It takes no time at all to wish a friend happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter. I myself, would prefer to receive or make a phone call for such an occasion. Social media has connected us perhaps on a more surface level type of connection.

    An innovation to limit our use of social media, might be an app, that potentially allowed us a certain predetermined time period to use SM from our mobiles. I am aware of several large corporations that block SM sites from their servers, thus preventing their employees from using them. (At least from their work computers.)

  3. I think the concept of connecting to one another via Social is amazing. We are now able to meet anyone globally at any time we choose and as the article alludes, the individuals who are too shy to interact face-to-face can have all the confidence in the world behind a monitor or a phone/tablet screen.

    I’m not so sure that we’re more “connected,” though that would depend on the usage of the word in this case. Sure, we have a greater quantity and global reach in our connections now, but I think that they tend to be more shallow and almost artificial that real connections made face-to-face. I don’t think relationships have as much depth as they once did and people seem more satisfied with just scratching the surface of someone rather than really dig into and know another’s real personality.

    I’m not sure if anything can be done about this, but does anything really need to be done? This is just part of evolution, technological advancement and we all must adapt. Social doesn’t prevent the interactions we had only a few years ago, it simply is just an added variable in the equation.

    I admit to finding myself glued to my phone more often than I would like to admit, but I also am aware of my usage at meals with family and friends and when I am having a good conversation, I am much more interested in speaking face-to-face than messaging or texting with someone or browsing Social to see what everyone is up to that I’m not actually spending time with.

  4. Social media has 100% made us closer as a population. This may seem strange but I have friends that I only know through social media. I am an administrator for an Orioles baseball Facebook group. There are over 13,000 members. I have met people at games that I didn’t know before except for my times on the Facebook group.

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