Dash is No Fool

Marketers Say Debuting Amazon Dash Right Before April Fools’ Day Was Genius

The futuristic cartoon “The Jetsons” seems to be referenced quite a bit in reference to the Amazon Dash button, debuted just before April Fools’ Day. Perhaps the “misadventures of a futuristic family” as IMDB puts it, is quite relevant to the new product from Amazon since it gets used hopefully to avoid misadventure of running out of frequently used household goods.


The physical button allows consumers to instantly re-order products frequently used (i.e. toilet paper, coffee) by pressing a button. With a connection to WiFi, the Amazon Prime smartphone app will allow control over quantity, but the order is initiated by pressing the actual button, that is encouraged to be placed near the item to be reordered.

Having this product debut in time for April Fools’ Day allowed it to catch in a frenzy of tweets speculating whether or not the product was real (as companies sometimes take a nice chunk of their budget to create fake products for the special day).


Amazon confirmed that Dash is “a genuine step forward in digital retail. ‘You should think of it as a physical representation of the one-click button from the website,’ Kinley Pearsall, an Amazon spokesperson, told MarketWatch.”

It’s possible that the confusion actually helped marketing the product since it got people talking and drove traffic to the site.

Link to article

Do you see Dash as being innovative? Why or why not?

How do you think the timing of the debut of Dash affected the response? Why do you think it might remain or fade away in use?


4 thoughts on “Dash is No Fool

  1. I really like this product. I believe most of us have met the problem of running out of something when you want it. It seems that the dash button is extremely simple in term of purchasing frequently used household goods. “Place It. Press It. Get it.” That’s it! It’s really a great example of how technology makes people’s life easier.
    I also believe it’s a good strategy to introduce this product on April Fool’s Day. When I first saw it, I was curious whether it was also a joke. Then I searched it on Google to check. I believe many people did the same thing as I did. If it’s a joke, people would not be angry, but if it’s true, people would be excited and want to try the product ASAP. I just requested to try it on Amazon.com.

  2. I do believe that the Dash button is innovative. I don’t think that Amazon has ever ran the risk of not being a leader in innovation, as evidenced by their drone program and their race against Richard Branson to bring space travel to civilians.

    I am not so sure that the announcement of the Dash button was a strategic plan designed to align with April Fool’s day with the intent to cause a social media stir.

    I discovered an article describing the product and announcing Amazons request for invitations on the BBC’s website, early on the morning of 03/31/15.

    I do not believe that the timing of the announcement will play any role in the success of the product. I believe that product (or version) of the product will prove to be a household staple.

  3. I think the announcement of the product to coincide with April Fool’s Day was genius (if it were intended to peak interest/curiosity/buzz). This is an innovative product, but I don’t see it as anything ground-breaking. Dash seems more gimmicky, though I suppose it could evolve in some way but I don’t see much longevity in the product. I see this either leading to a much smaller product in some way, voice activated version of some sort or simply an app for your phone/tablet/smart home hub or what have you.

  4. I think the Amazon Dash is a great idea. The response in consumer demand is quickly increasing. Any way that retail companies can respond to consumer demands faster will gain a competitive advantage.

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