The Nest Thermostats are the looking glass in to your house for Google

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When Google bought the company that makes the Nest Thermostat last year, we all knew it wasn’t because Google wanted to be in the thermostat business.  So why did they pay 3.2 million dollars for a company that makes a thermostat.  Well let me tell you why.  Read the article that I posted above and it will be clear.

Just this week 16 big consumer brands announced that they are joining forces with Nest (aka Google) to integrate products in with the Nest Thermostat.  These 16 are just the tip of the 5000 plus developers that are already on board, or are in the process of coming on board with Nest.  These developers are working to completely integrate your house in to one giant network of things.

The integration of features is really amazing.  The Nest by itself can be fully integrated to your life, but Googles idea is to use it as data gathering machine for their usage.  In the not so distant future you’ll come home and your wash machine just broke on you.  Then the next time you login to Facebook or Google you see an ad from BestBuy that they are having a sale on wash machines.  The one giant benefit to all of this is the convenience that we all gain.

The other big push for Nest is to fully integrate with your utilities and the company that provides you the service.  Nest wants to integrate with those utilities to make sure those companies are able to save money and become more profitable.  However, the only way Google/Nest is going to share that data is through a huge payout from them to Google.


What things, good and bad do you see coming with the full house integration?  I personally love the technology that is coming, but at some point, will we all feel like we are just living inside a giant computer that we call home?


3 thoughts on “The Nest Thermostats are the looking glass in to your house for Google

  1. I do believe that the full house integration is upon us. I can see the convenience for not only homeowners, but also for families with multiple homes. The technology offers the ability for these homeowners to adjust the climate before their arrival to a vacation home, as well as provide data about the home that might otherwise be unavailable if someone wasn’t physically at the location.

    I think that the larger market for the full house integration will be exploited both commercially and through the hospitality services. For example, I think that hotels will be able to significantly cut their costs through “smart,” climate control systems, with products like “Nests,” thermostats as a foundation. I know that “Smart Vents,” for heating and cooling are already in production and will act as accouterments to “smart,” thermostats. Hopefully, this kind of technology will allow hotels to save on energy costs, and they will in turn pass that savings on to their customers?

    I do feel somewhat uneasy about a fully integrated home. Im not so sure that I want Best Buy to know that my washing machine broke, and then begin sending me solicitations for a new one. Perhaps that’s a small price to pay for the luxuries that the new “Smart,” house will offer?

    • I too believe we’re now entering the era of full house integration and I think it can really be a great thing. There will be many convenient features that are put to full use, whether that be automatic ordering of items that are low, the ability to control the climate in the house when not home or prior to arriving or even the simple integration of alarm systems, fire/smoke detectors, etc.

      I also understand the people against such features and seeing it more of a “big brother,” watching us scenario, but honestly it doesn’t bother me. The fact that some people think their lives are just so interesting that the government, the illuminati or whoever is watching their every move, transaction, word, etc. is laughable and just outright ridiculous.

      I say bring it on and let innovation simplify parts of our lives and lets evolve with the technology.

  2. I think full house integration is a great thing, but my biggest concern is IT security. Could people hack into other people’s houses? I would hate for hackers to launch an attack into people’s homes.

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