YouTube Cards, Tracking Social Media Data

Just like any other successful business nowadays, artists must track data in order to sell their products in the best way possible.  Social media can be extremely beneficial when it’s time for musicians to start developing tour routes.  By analyzing the appropriate data, bands can make the right investments and pinpoint where they need to focus their efforts.  Using a new service called “YouTube Music for Artists”, popular artists will now be able to route tours to top cities and understand where their music is truly captivating audiences through video and social media.

This new YouTube service also offers a new program allowing artists to send customized, targeted in-video, content cards to inform fans in any particular city that they’ll be performing there soon.  For example, if you like a video from one of your favorite artists, or even a singer you may not be a huge fan of, you will automatically receive a greeting video, or an “in-video annotation” to let you know when this artist is coming to your town.  These “YouTube Cards”  are a new type of targeted marketing desperately needed by musicians.  At the moment, Facebook only allows musicians to target specific areas and demographics by using paid ads, which are not always successful.  Do you think YouTube Cards will be successful?  Do you prefer video annotations instead of text annotations or do you think people will find them even more intrusive?



3 thoughts on “YouTube Cards, Tracking Social Media Data

  1. I do believe that YouTube Cards will be successful for artists that make the most efficient use of them. Given the statistics that video represents the majority of content consumption, it seems like a natural progression for Youtube. It also affords both artists and their fans a means to stay connected in a way that was perhaps less personalized in the past. The music industry has been turned upside down over the last decade. Youtube Cards seems as though it will afford up and coming artists a unique way to capitalize on information regarding their current and potential future fans. It also seems like a great way for fans to get pertinent information about when their favorite bands might be playing in a town near them without having to search for it.

  2. I agree with John on this one. YouTube Cards will be successful if used efficiently by artists and/or their PR departments. If the cards pop up when appropriate, I would assume if the user is already searching and looking for music or videos from a specific group, that they would therefore be interested in this type of targeted ad about the relevant band. Perhaps they had no idea about tour dates or perhaps a date was added in their area and they didn’t know about it, I think this information would be welcomed as long as it is not overwhelming. This technique seems much different than other targeted ads and if taken advantage of, this seems like a very simple, yet effective way of reaching a target audience in a very specific scope. I honestly do not believe this will feel too intrusive and if anything, it might feel less intrusive than other ads.

  3. I also think YouTube cards will be effective. Bands receive a large amount of their revenue from tours. This would be a way to have more fans in attendance at their concerts. I wonder if this would also allow fans to discover new bands based on the music genres they enjoy. So overall, I think the YouTube cards could help the music industry.

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