You can now pay your friends through Facebook Messenger


Over the next few months, the long-awaited feature that allows users to send money to friends via Facebook Messenger will rollout to users on desktop, iOS and Android.  The feature will allow users to link their debit card info to their Facebook accounts to send and receive payments.  For now, they are not going to allow credit cards to avoid fees and possible fraud.

This new feature is just another way to make Facebook “sticky.”  The company wants people to spend as much time on their site as possible, so this is just another reason for people to stay.  Users will in theory, no longer have to leave the social network to make these simple types of transactions and it makes it very easy.

According to Steve Davis, Facebook’s payments program manager, we all pay each other for all kinds of things like rent or splitting checks, “so why don’t we finish those conversations in the same place we started?”

This could also open doors down the road for additional revenue generating ideas with users payment info already secured.  Perhaps if Facebook wanted to allow users to complete transactions for physical goods down the road, they could charge even more for ads and increase revenues further.

Entering the mobile payment space is a no-brainer for a company like Facebook, as they have the majority of their users on mobile platforms already and this space is growing quickly.  Others like Snapchat are also entering the space, but the reach of Facebook is still far greater.

For those worried about sharing sensitive payment data with a network known for animated GIFs and party pictures, the company says not to worry.  They will be using PCI compliant equipment and software, which is the same standard applied to credit card transactions.  Everything will be stored separately from the rest of Facebook and there will also be an anti-fraud team which will track everything and look for fraudulent transactions.


Will any of you try this method of sending/receiving funds and if so, how much confidence do you have in the security of the transactions?

Do you think Facebook could genuinely capitalize on mobile transactions or are they only experimenting or keeping up with the competition?

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4 thoughts on “You can now pay your friends through Facebook Messenger

  1. I would not be inclined to try this service for sending or receiving funds. Although Facebook may not be using credit cards now, it is safe to assume that they might in the future. Cyber attacks on firms like Target and Sony, illustrate how vulnerable internal IT systems are, even amongst those with the tightest security measures in place. Additionally, Facebook not so openly shares its user data with third parties. This magnifies users exposure to their own security safety.

    I believe that Facebook could and will capitalize on mobile transactions. It is not unlikely that the company might have plans to sell goods in the near future. Perhaps this is a kind of roll out for a sales strategy. I do not believe that Facebook is trying to keep up with the competition. This move might position the company to over take Amazon.

  2. I think it is very interesting that pay through Facebook but I won’t try it. Data privacy is my biggest concern, even though Facebook itself say it is safe. Besides, there are many other convenient and safe way for me to pay to my friends and I can’t see why I would choose Facebook messenger. I think it could learn from Wechat, a Chinese Facebook. People can pay through Wechat by saving their money in the YueBao. Yuebao is a Alibaba’s New Online Personal Finance Product and will give interests, which rate is higher than bank to customers. It now hits 2.5 Million Users, $1 Billion Already Deposited.

  3. I agree with John. I can see myself using Facebook to pay in the future, I want to make sure any glitches or possible security breaches are detected first. Mobile payments sound great, and will most likely become a major method of payment in the future. However, with threats of cyberattacks increasing, I’d hate to have my personal information compromised.

  4. I will trust the feature as it’s supported by Facebook, the largest social media on the planet. I believe Facebook has considered a lot on the security issue. The same thing with Apple pay, Apple is the market leader, there should be not big issue about security. But I don’t think Facebook would capitalize on mobile transactions as I believe most people would only pay small transactions on Facebook. In the short term, most people would trust more on Banks if they want to pay a large amount of money.

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