Meerkat is Taking off at Twitter

screen-shot-2015-03-12-at-3-36-01-pm Some of you may have noticed that there is this Meerkat app quietly getting viral since February 27th. Early adopters even “meerkated” the Apple Watch Event earlier this week. Meerkat gained 18,000 users in the first week after launching the app on Feb. 27th. According to the CEO of Meerkat and the co-founder Ben Rubin, 28% of users watch a minimum of two hours a day, 8% watch at least three hours, 4% four hours. So what is Meerkat? Linking with users’ twitter account, Meerkat allows users to  stream videos to their followers. So when you use Meerkat to share a video, a tweet will be generated with a link for followers to click to watch. While you are consuming the feeds on Meerkat, you can comment and the broadcaster will be able to see and respond. It will be of great help for those twitter users who have large numbers of followers to deliver content lively and timely. Twitter appeared to take live-streaming technology seriously as it just acquired another similar functioned app called Periscope for closed to $100 million. As for brands, some brands are among the first to join the Meerkat gang. Just to name a few, Starbucks, JC Penny, Redbull and NASDAQ are streaming videos. The scheduling feature of the app enables better on-air timing management. It might not be a coincident that “meerkating” sounds like marketing. Brands can definitely utilize this new platform to deliver timely content. meerkat-redbull-800x424 Here are two questions to consider:

1. Will you use Meerkat and do you think it will shift the way people consume social media?

2. Since the videos on Meerkat are timely and live, which means you have to watch it right at the time it is set to broadcast and cannot be rerun, how does it compete with Snapchat? Or do you think it is merely just another Snapchat?

3. What are some potential problems you can see in the future for this app?

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Daixun (Theresa) Wu


One thought on “Meerkat is Taking off at Twitter

  1. I can see myself using Meerkat in the future; however, this is a concern of mine for the future. Could people livestream pay-per-view events so people can avoid to pay? Or, could people livestream sporting games from the stands? I worry about potential rights issues from using Meerkat from some overzealous users. I really hope Meerkat has a monitoring tool in place because broadcasting live events come with regulations as well.

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