Pinterest Cuts Off Style Bloggers by Removing Affiliate Links

Pinterest, a major source of revenue for personal style bloggers, is removing all affiliate links, the trackable links that enable the people who share them to earn commissions on traffic to or sales from retailers.

Personal style bloggers, an often self-employed, fashion-forward crowd, regularly post pictures of items they own or were given, along with products they like or have their eye on. They share these photos on their blogs, as well as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, with links to retailers where the items are sold. Bloggers get paid when a shopper clicks on those links and purchases within the following month, whether it is the linked item or other items the retailer sells.

Pinterest said that they observed affiliate links and redirects causing irrelevant Pins in feeds, broken links and other spam behavior. Believe this change will enable to keep the high bar of relevancy and quality Pinners expect from Pinterest.

Q: Do you agree Pinterest’s decision about removing affiliate links? Will it cause Pinterest to lose users?

How should blogs manage affiliates & publishers meanwhile keeps their clean profile?


Linda Zhang


One thought on “Pinterest Cuts Off Style Bloggers by Removing Affiliate Links

  1. Yes, I agree with Pinterest’s decision in removing affiliate links. Pinterest wants to keep the quality of information on its site strong. I’m sure it is annoying for them to see broken affiliate links on their site. For comparison, I am an administrator for a very large Facebook group and I (along with the other administrators) try to remove any links that sells merchandise or directs people to their personal blogs. We want people using the group to generate discussion, not as a vehicle to promote themselves.

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