Social Media will make or break your next interview

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Social Media has become everyone’s virtual resume.  In today’s job market there is no getting around the fact that anything you put on a social platform will be held against you.  The first place a company recruiter looks when he or she needs to investigate a job applicant is the social platforms.

In today’s ultra competitive job market everyone needs to put their best foot forward on social.  In the article by The Muze it’s explained that you cannot be a ghost on social either.  In the past it was ok to be non-existent on all social platforms.  However, in today’s job market you must have a social presence.  The author describes in great details each and every aspect of how someone can go about staying ahead of their social presence.

The most important thing to consider about your social presence is that it needs to be neutral and relevant to the field you are looking to work in.  There are even apps out there that can help you clean up your social presence.  These apps can go out and do a search for your name and then scrub the results to find things that could be damaging to your potential interview.  However, on the flip side from being ultra conservative, the author also suggests that you put some good relevant posts, information, and bio out there for others to see.  The recruiter needs to know that your a “real person”.

In today’s modern digital world the job market has changed.  Just think, if I go out and apply for a job, that manager could potentially find this article and use my information to search me out.  Go ahead, try it out.  Search for your name on social platforms and see what comes up.  You might be surprised what’s out there.  You should probably start cleaning some of that up.

Joe Milmoe


8 thoughts on “Social Media will make or break your next interview

  1. If it’s more social media, PR kind of jobs HR would probably search your info on social media; but still isn’t little wired for HR to track personal behavior on personal social platforms?

  2. This is definitely a frustration of mine. While social media is relevant, fun, and seamless, it is also another platform that needs to be closely monitored. When you enter into social media, you are creating your own brand whether you want to or not and everyone has to be their own brand manager to protect their name. I agree that this virtual resume needs to be personally regulated. It is a resume for everyone to see. I am glad to see there are sites and companies that will assist in cleaning up the social media footprint. I wish it was just easier to do!

  3. Unfortunately the truth is that everyone including employers are looking at our social media profiles. I recently was looking to hire a team and one of the first things we did after looking at the candidate’s resume was to review their profiles on Linkedin followed by Facebook and/or googleing their names on the internet. Pictures and posts on their profiles did provide enough clues as to their personality and character in order for us to determine if we wanted to offer them an interview. In general I think we have to be very careful with the images and posts that are on the internet and linked to our names/profiles.

  4. What are the apps that can clean up our social presence? I would love to use one of those just in case I have something out there than could be considered damaging. I definitely think about the possible detriments of certain social media posts I make. The biggest example is the person who made the AIDS joke on Twitter before a flight to South Africa. By the time she checked her phone again after she landed, she was trending globally and already fired from her job. In social media, one tweet can easily make or break your future. While this seems unfair, this is the reality that currently faces us.

  5. Although I agree with the premise of “cleaning up,” your Social Media trail, I cannot agree with establishing a presence through Social, to land a job. When I think of the term “Social Media,” my mind immediately focuses on the word Social. Although I believe the statistics that employers are performing background checks of sorts through individual’s SM sites, I don’t believe that there should be any connection between them and our professional lives. It is very likely that the older generation that doesn’t often use sites like Instagram or Twitter, have photos or stories that could be embarrassing. The simple fact is, that they’re just not posted all over the Internet. I would argue that instead of cleaning up an individuals social media presence, it might be more beneficial to make their accounts private.

  6. I understand the concept of cleaning up one’s Social presence, and we should all be mindful of the fact that employers or potential employers do use Social as a way to gauge who we are, what we’re actually like and what type of person we project ourselves to be. Whether we like it or not is irrelevant, but to ignore the fact that Social is used to garner more information on people by employers if just foolish. I also believe that creating a social profile, such as with LinkedIn, is very important and can be the critical component in a job search or what have you.

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