Blog Post Schedule #1

February 9th
Aviram, Armand
Bogush, John
Crescenzi, Michael N.
Hua, Sirui
Huang, Zini
Kotoch, Jaclyn M.

February 23rd
Li, Dan
Marra, Noelle C.
Milmoe, Jacques R. (Joe)
Perkins, Courtnay R.
Revueltas, Sandra M.
Tomkiv, Roman

March 9th
Trimmer Jr., Jeffrey R.
Tsai, Yun Chen
Vasala Sridharan, Praveen Kumar
Volman, Natalie
Voskoboynikov, Alexandra (Sasha)
Wang, Chu

March 16th
Wu, Daixun (Theresa)
Wu, Peiyao
Yang, Hansen
Yu, Bingxin
Zamudio, Maria A.
Zhang, Linlin (Linda)


One thought on “Blog Post Schedule #1

  1. Thank you for posting the schedule. Just to double-check, should we post for the week of the class date noted or the week leading up to it?

    Ex. March 9th date above – post from March 3rd though 9th or 10th through 16th?

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