Instagram Passes 300 Million Users

Instagram announced on its blog on Wednesday that it has more than 300 million users now, which would make it more popular than Twitter that has about 284 million followers. The users of Instagram are up from 200 million nine months ago and 100 million in February 2013 and roughly zero when Instagram launched in October 2010. When it was bought by Facebook in 2012, people would concern about the content and feature will be change, however, Zuckerberg stressed that they would manage Instagram independently so that the number of followers increased quickly. The survey indicates that those users are highly engaged, responsible for uploading 70 million photos and videos a day, however, there are likely to be even more Instagram accounts than there are people using the service. Some people may set up fake accounts to parody celebrities or sell fake merchandises or promote fake advertisements. Therefore, Instagram said it plans to offer a badge for some accounts after it has verified their authenticity. This move, which is similar to what Twitter and Facebook offer, helps users identify accounts of celebrities and public figures, and discern them from potential parodies.

To take away with these fake accounts, Instagram is starting to delete them, which means some Instagram users may see the number of people following them shrink. I am wondering, however, that how they could filter the fake accounts and how to tell some fake accounts that with different languages? For example, there are 300 million uses in Instagram who from different countries and use different languages, especially there are many celebrities in it, and use their local words to show their daily photos. Sometimes, I could find some users post fake advertisements under the famous Chinese celebrity’s contents with Chinese, and they also use the account to post they daily life pictures. Therefore, how Instagram Company could tell the spammer accounts and delete them may be an important problem. However, creating a healthy and authentic atmosphere in social platforms is a significant part, which is a good way for social companies have a rapid audience growth. So I believe that the Instagram would come up with the good solution to deal with the complicated spammer accounts.

So do you think Instagram could delete all fake accounts? And do they need to send a notification to the accounts that tell them why their followers’ number decreased?

Thank you.

Hongjia Xia


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