“Me”: The Most Valuable Brand

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat are littered with the younger generations chronicling every moment, meal or purchase with selfies, snapshots, videos and messages. In a blink of an eye, they can become insta-famous, insta-shamed, insta-blamed or be on the receiving end of the dreaded un-follow button! “OMG, I’m losing followers!”They are active and focused, but “focused on what?” “Me” branding!


Millennials and Generation Z measure their brand value as the number of likes, re-tweets, followers and comments they get. This system has given shareholder value an entirely new definition. It is transparent and powerful, for feedback is instant–the way they like it–and often harsh. Their measure of self -worth is defined by those to whom they connect.The younger generations use the platforms the same way you do: strategically. Their goal is to get their message out and stay relevant. They understand what their peers value, and craft inputs to tap into those value systems. And they change them quickly if rebuffed.

Also beloved brands like Nike, Apple and Coke understand this “like” system. In Nike’s 2014 soccer “Winner Stays” Campaigns, the company played to our youthful brand-builders’ entrepreneurial spirit. Nike allowed them to dream and gave them content that made them look like winners.The Nike video, tailored for local use, received 65 million views. It was shared because it tapped into this generation’s value system and that of their cohorts. Sharing it made them look good.

It seems “Me” is the most important thing in the Internet world nowadays. Whether individuals or companies are using this strategy to promote themselves. So my question for the class: what do you think of “Me” brand? Do you build your brand deliberately when you use social media? For company, how to use this strategy in the marketing plan successfully and any good examples?


— Wanting Yang


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