BuzzFeed Jumps Aboard The Messaging App Train, Starting With WeChat

BuzzFeed, which was initially famous for its easily share-able stories and diverse content nowadays moves, or at least tries to strategically move with the times. BuzzFeed teamed up with Tencent to become a media partner on the Chinese firm’sWeChat app, which counts 468 million monthly active users across the world.

BuzzFeed’s move into messaging has been on the cards for some time. This summer they hired staff for “growing and running editorial for WeChat and future messaging app partnerships”.

Through this partnership, BuzzFeed will now have its own official account on WeChat. Readers are encouraged to follow the account, which will send out a number of messages per day, based on the top viral content or news that is deemed interesting. WeChat is a media-centric platform built for content dissemination.Many media firms in China, where WeChat is strongest, are on the app, but BuzzFeed is the largest international name that Tencent has snagged for the service to date.

Why BuzzFeed jump into messaging apps? The move was about predicting the future of media. Scott Lamb, BuzzFeed’s globetrotting VP of International said that “As a media company, we have to be very sensitive to the changes in how people are consuming content online. There are so many people using messaging apps — our theory is that large numbers of people will use them to communicate and share media in the future. “To get involved early and figure out how users share these things is really important for the future of BuzzFeed,” Lamb added.

What do you think why BuzzFeed take the move into messaging apps and what are the benefits this move can bring to BuzzFeed? Since at this point there really is little evidence or knowledge of whether chat apps can direct significant volumes of traffic to their website.

And also why do you think they partnered with Wechat other than WhatsApp or other messaging apps mainly targeting the US users?

BuzzFeed Jumps Aboard The Messaging App Train, Starting With WeChat

Mengmeng Shen


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