Facebook Is Testing ‘Facebook At Work’


Facebook is currently working on a new project that is said to be a “game changer.” Many companies ban Facebook during office hours, but according to Facebook this could all change within the next year. Facebook is creating Facebook at Work. Facebook at Work is aimed to serve enterprise customers allowing them to chat with colleagues, share documents, message, and collaborate with other employees.

Facebook at Work will allow users to maintain separate work and personal accounts. According to Forbes, Facebook at Work will still have the same kind of groups and news feeds that are on your everyday Facebook account, but for sharing with colleagues and managers. The data between professional profiles and personal profiles will not mix.

Office bans on Facebook actually point to why an enterprise offering could be successful. Facebook already has 1.3 billion monthly active users around the world, and 23% of workers surveyed by Salary.com are so addicted to the service that they use it during working hours.

Facebook has noticed how it’s own employees use the tool to communicate throughout the workday. Facebook sees a huge opportunity to get the 1.35 billion people who already use Facebook to use it in a professional context.

My question to the class is: Is Facebook banned during office hours at your place of work, if yes, would this ‘Facebook at Work’ tool be something you could see yourself using in the future?


Tiffany Ruffin


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