App — Let’s talk after 11:11pm every night

“11:11pm” is a Chinese app which can only be used after 11:11pm every night.

image  As a Chinese college student, we all know that 11:11 is an awkward time: dormitory just off the net power, the majority of entertainment are stopped, we have to go to bed ready to sleep. However, we cannot sleep immediately, so 11:11pm is the perfect timing to use this app. And compared to the day time, we become sensitive, impulsive and emotional. So, think about it, you run into an equally emotional him or her, what chemical reaction will come out?

“11:11pm” the app, everyday after 11:11pm, allowing you to match a random anonymous. Your every pairing has 11 minutes 11 seconds of chat time. When time up, all your chat content will be delete. But if both of you give each other a “like” after chatting, you can keep chatting and know the location of each other.

Online relationship is ambiguous and offline relationship is real. “11:11” app combine these two important feeling in a relationship perfectly, which helps “11:11pm” attract thousands of registered users since it online only two month.

Question: What do you think about “11:11” app? Do you think “limited time social” is a trend of social product.

–Huimin Mao


One thought on “App — Let’s talk after 11:11pm every night

  1. I think the 11:11 concept is very timely because more young consumers are becoming used to having access to instant information and gratification. 11:11 ‘forces’ user to act quickly on the app because they know time is running out. The moving quickly aspect of the app is something people can relate to, I think. This app also has a game aspect that we in class learned is used by many successful apps including foursquare. The random matching sounds like a new idea because I haven’t seen it anywhere online before. The only other app that is similar to 11:11 is probably Tinder, a dating app.

    I say yes! The limited aspect of 11:11 is a good idea.

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