McDonalds Makes A Bold Move With Its Newest Social Media Campaign


McDonald’s truly has made a “bold” move with their latest social media campaign, and new commercial. For the most part, McDonalds has not had to work hard to defend itself against their poor quality of food and how they make it because people traditionally loved McDonalds for its taste and affordability. Since there has been a growing global trend in the last several years to eat healthier, fast-food chains have been suffering. The common agreement that most people want to eat better and live healthier lifestyles has lead to more people being interested in what ingredients and processes are used before they consume their food. With more and more people demanding answers McDonalds has come up with a social media campaign that gets right to the point.

McDonalds new commercial shows an advertisement with the words “What are your questions about our food?” A button is placed below the question inviting any person to push, and ask their question. The commercial was interesting because the questions are the exact questions that would persuade someone to not eat at McDonalds. For instance, “Is your beef 100% pure?” “Does McDonalds even sell real food?” or even, “I heard you use horsemeat in your food?” The end of the commercial then welcomes anyone to send in their questions to any of their social media platforms, and a selection of them will be answered through a series of videos. They are even using former Mythbuster, Grant Imahara, to be the host of the videos, most likely for added legitimacy.

I was surprised after I watched McDonalds commercial for the first time because I thought they were setting themselves up to be exposed. But I then realized I really liked the idea of McDonalds laying all their cards on the table, and coming up with a strategy to disprove their criticism. I think this is a much better idea because it will allow them to become more transparent, and people won’t think they are hiding things. So like any social media campaign they seem to have a decent plan that may help people change the public’s harsh view on their food. However, people have not seemed to respond well yet because there have been too many headlines, documentaries, and articles that have exposed McDonalds. This exposure has caused people to not trust McDonalds, and I believe there is a lot of work left before they can start to regain customer trust.

–Do people agree with McDonalds new social media strategy? Do you think it will work?


3 thoughts on “McDonalds Makes A Bold Move With Its Newest Social Media Campaign

  1. I think this is an interesting strategy by McDonald’s and it reminds me of the campaign by Domino’s in recent years where they addressed critics complaints about the quality of their pizzas. It could be worthwhile for McDonald’s to take this proactive approach to showcase their commitment to real food but, as mentioned in the article, it may take more than this video to convince the general populace who have heard contradictory reports on the source of the brand’s products. This strategy could either be successful in showing quality ingredients to the customers or the campaign could hugely backfire by opening itself up to intense social media criticism. If the latter occurs, the scrutiny could be too much for the brand to handle and end up causing more bad press.

  2. I think its a strong move just because the brand has a lot of doubters about what is in the food. For example is it really chicken in a mcnugget. I think it could actually help them by unveiling what goes into the food as it can help attract new customers that stayed away. I don’t think the backlash would hurt existing customers because i believe that there is a segment of the population that would still eat McDonalds regardless.

  3. I think McDonald’s came up with a good strategy to address people’s concerns by becoming more transparent, but they are not solving to root of the problem. Just because you talk about it doesn’t make the problem go away. I think what would make this campaign stronger is really addressing their menu and making it healthier for people.

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