Luxury Brands Are Still Casting a Leery Eye Toward Social Media

Apple, Rolex and Monocle love their exclusive appeal, but to what end?


While many brands have been using social media to promote their businesses, most of the luxury brands preferred to stay out of sight. For example Chanel, which has been on Twitter since 2011, just began posting photos to its Instagram account. Burberry is now dedicating 60 percent of its budget to digital thanks to social successes, while Louis Vuitton in September planted clues on Instagram to create some buzz for Paris Fashion Week.

It seems like some luxury brands have just started to see the value of social but others high-end luxury brands including Apple, Rolex and culture/design publisher Monocle are still ignoring social media.

Andrew Tuck, editor at Monocle,: “[Social media] feels like a little too much exposure. For our brand, it seems just a little bit uncomfortable.”

The digital director of Rolex explains that Rolex cares data but the company is not in rush.“And they are right to not just rush into channels because the brand is so admired. You cannot start a Twitter stream and then stop it.”

Apple, who created the mobile platform of social network, doesn’t embrace the social media marketing.Though it maintains accounts for iTunes and the App Store, Apple doesn’t have an official corporate Facebook page or Twitter profile. Nor does it have one on Instagram.

The questions I want to pose to class:

Apple Pays Twitter Some $200,000 for an iPad Ad but Barely Uses Free Social Media –  Why doesn’t Apple utilize social media?

Article underlines that social media marketing is a unique opportunity for many luxury brands. Do you think that luxury brands need social media? Why?

-Asli Kadayifcioglu


One thought on “Luxury Brands Are Still Casting a Leery Eye Toward Social Media

  1. In my opinion, luxury brands don’t need to develop an advertising campaign or a social strategy because they have a strong reputation for quality and consumers want to one day be able to buy the brand. The use of mass media has a stigma of cheapening the brand. For example, putting a mass TV ad for a Porsche right after a dollar meal McDonalds campaign, may hurt more than help.Since the brands have a strong word of mouth they can budget their funds into improving quality.

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