Hold the Phone: There’s Breaking News!

Over the past few years, the way we read news has completely changed. Instead of putting the TV on or reading a newspaper, we go straight to our phones and/or tablets. These devices give us real-time news faster than ever before. The best news apps, according to Kit Eaton from the NY Times, are Flipboard, Circa News, BBC News, and Niiiws US.

Circa News still uses the “old-fashioned” approach by having a team of editors. Circa lets its user customize what it sees. If you do not enjoy sports, you may omit it from your news feed. On the other hand, if there is something that really interests you, you can click on “follow story” and it will give you updates on that story. Flipboard has a great looking interface and has updates constantly. The news stories are provided by an algorithm instead of actual editors like on Circa.

BBC news app is also a great news app source which is also free. It has a good looking interface with photos that are linked to news articles from around the world. The grid of photos lets you organize what interests you. Some other news apps are NYTimes, Niiiws US, and Yahoo News which are useful but are not as interactive as Circa, Flipboard and BBC. Also, Niiiws US only has news that is going on in the US.

The link below gives a brief overview of Circa, Flipboard, BBC and Niiiws US apps.

Do any of you get your news through these apps? If so, do you prefer getting your news on your phone and/or tablet through these apps rather than reading a newspaper, watching news on tv, or even going to a website?



One thought on “Hold the Phone: There’s Breaking News!

  1. I tend to prefer getting my news through some of the news apps over print. It is convenient to receive breaking news through these apps while working when there is not a television around. I tend to watch the news in the morning also but of course find that I have read about a breaking story on my phone or tablet before I hear it broadcasted on TV. I think though with some of these publishers posting on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook these news apps could see diminishing returns on users since you can follow a link to a full story directly from a tweet or Facebook post.

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