Cloth is Where Instagram and Your Closet Collide


Fashion and social networking have finally collided on an app named Cloth. It’s a new app, launched today, that lets users share their favorite outfits in an Instagram-like feed, letting them get feedback from friends (with likes and chat) and saving their favorite outfits to remember later.

Cloth has been in beta for two years now, and today launches into public availability on the App Store. Cloth not only allows you to build out a closet through photos, shared in a stream, but it also allows you to tag them so that others can search for inspiration based on specific guidelines. Plus, Cloth includes weather notifications to help you get dressed each day.

This application has a huge upside for clothing and retail companies to be tagged in and sponsor.

Do you think this app can be a game changer in this industry?

Do you think users will be quick to adapt and put themselves out there?


One thought on “Cloth is Where Instagram and Your Closet Collide

  1. The functionality of the updated version of the app that allows users to see what others are wearing real time in cities around the world (such as the article mentions, Paris on a rainy day) or for a special occasion such as a wedding in Paris, promotes a unique concept. Also, pre-determining outfits prior to going to a particular location (to better understand style) coupled with the weather feature can add benefit to figuring out what to pack.

    The drawback seems to be users have to upload a photo of every article of clothing they own to reap the full benefit of the weather feature, which seems laborious. However, since the concept integrates the ability to determine styles in other places with other search and chat features, I see it useful for Fashion bloggers, clothing retailers and other users who like the idea of sharing outfit photos to gain inspiration.

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