WTF is Facebook’s new Rooms app?

Facebook released its new app Rooms on Thursday,  a new standalone app designed to evoke the Web 1.0 days of yore. The biggest “innovation” of this app is that allowing for pseudonymous connection rather than “real” selves as users on Facebook. However, the concept of this app may give people a flashback to Web 1.0 age, when all online chatrooms were anonymous. What is interesting is that Facebook was the one lead the trend of real identity based social network, but several years later it starts to chase after the old fashion.

By asking questions and answering them, the author of this article not only provided a general idea of this new app, but also lead up to ponder on the insight of it. Here are questions raised in the article:
How does Rooms work?
How’s that differ from a Facebook page?
But why does Facebook want to go old school?
What are the advertising implications?
Among this, what interests me most is why dose Facebook want to go old school. The article seems to give an fair answer—— “Its traction has slipped among college-age Internet users, so it’s creating more narrowly focused apps to hedge against a more widespread exodus from Facebook proper.”But it also mentioned that FB is already a straggler when it’s come to pseudonymous sharing app, since anonymity apps like Whisper, Yik Yak have already accumulate millions of users during the past year. So my question is due to current situation do you think that it can eventually success? if so, what are the advantages that make FB stand out from others? and if not, what are the big challenges?

—- Chang Yin


One thought on “WTF is Facebook’s new Rooms app?

  1. I think that this goes back to the “facebook is the you you try to portray at your high school reunion/google is the real you” that advertisers care about. This may be a way of facebook better getting to know the real you which, when added to the information that you voluntarily give up, can create a more relevant identity for advertisers.

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