Baby Pics When You Want Them


Hi Grandma!

A growing trend among millennial moms is to create a dedicated social media page for their kids. Similarly, this trend also seems to be growing among pets. A nationwide poll by Gerber showed that about 40% of moms ages 18-34 made social media accounts for their baby before the child’s first birthday. As I grow older, I continue to hear comments from friends something like, “I go on Facebook these days and all I see is babies and wedding pictures.” The same holds true for Instagram.

Moms describe this behavior by saying they don’t want their kids to take over their feed on their personal accounts. If people want to see baby pictures, they can go to the kid’s account to see updates on their growth, how their soccer game went, etc. Other moms are sternly against this, saying that the kid needs to have a choice. If when they become a young adult they want an account, then so be it.

Many people reference privacy concerns alone as a reason not to have your kids all over the internet, however the article argues that they end up there one way or another.  Even for those who don’t have a dedicated Facebook page for their kids, they tend to flood their own accounts with the same pictures anyway.

– Rob Steele


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