College Blocks Anonymous Social Media Site


The president of Norwich University, Richard Schneider has banned the use of social media application Yik Yak from all the school’s computer systems. Schneider said “I just know that it is hurting my students right now, they are feeling awkward, they are feeling hurt, they are feeling threatened.

President Schneider understands that this does not completely block the application from being accessible to students at Norwich but this in his eyes this is a “large statement and positive move forward.” Norwich has launched an internal investigation, but no reports of criminal behavior have been made.

Yik Yak is a mobile app. The user installs it on a smartphone. Yik Yak users can send comments anonymously. Those who see the comments don’t have to have an account; they only have to be logged on. In a number of instances elsewhere across the country, people have been charged with crimes for making online threats or harassing someone via Yik Yak.

Being a member of the Women’s basketball team here at Fordham, I am always with undergraduate students. Recently, a member of our basketball team was completely disrespected via Yik Yak. This was not only a negatively viewed upon by our team but also the university. Apps like this are being completely misused and students are failing to realize they are not completely anonymous.

I was wondering if the class thinks other universities will follow Norwich’s approach and ban the app or mobile site from computer systems? I don’t understand this idea completely considering most students use the app on their smartphones and the school does not have access to that information. What would you do if you to stop or prevent the negatives commentary that is becoming a serious issue?


2 thoughts on “College Blocks Anonymous Social Media Site

  1. Although I am not very familiar with this particular app, I understand the action taken by Norwich’s president to try to prevent students from receiving further anonymous abuse. However, as you mentioned, I think that the use of this app or any other app for that matter is hard to regulate by administrators since it is not related to university activities. It may be difficult to put these types of bans into action without infringing on personal freedom. In my opinion, the best way to prevent abuse would be self regulation on the part of users. It is an unfortunate situation that the majority be punished for the actions of a few but it seems most reasonable not to use this particular app considering the issues that have arisen.

  2. I am also not familiar with this app, and also understand why Norwich’s president is trying to stop students from using it. I also believe, that if students still want to use this app, the president cannot stop them. The only thing he can do is build awareness around this app and educate the students about the potential damages it can cause. If I were the president, I would raise awareness about the dangers of this app and let the students decide on their own how they want to proceed. Although banning this app from school grounds is a good idea, I just don’t know how successful this will be through force. Raise awareness, raise awareness, raise awareness!

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