Xpire Makes Social Media Posts Disappear


One day, a young, computer science student from Dallas went out on a limb and decided to email the notable entrepreneur and tech guru Mark Cuban to discuss an idea he had for a new iOs application. This app would be called Xpire and would allow its users to publish “self-destructing” posts to a social media site in an effort to “better manage and shrink” their digital footprint in the very public world of social media.

Xpire was developed by Jesse Staufer, a student who felt that his friends were constantly sharing inappropriate and questionable posts on social media that he felt could damper their chances of getting or keeping a job in the future.

Initially, Staufer wanted to create his own private social network. But after seeking advice from Mark Cuban, who invested heavily in a similar private-sharing app called CyberDust, he decided instead to integrate with preexisting social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Xpire allows you to post to a social media site, then specify the time frame that you would like this post to remain available for viewing by others; it can exist for minutes, days, or weeks, but will expire when you ask it to.

In addition, the app allows you to manage the existing content that already exists on your profiles. For example, you can easily search over 3,000 of your recent, or extremely old tweets on Twitter and delete them all within seconds.

Other features allow users to delete unwanted followers from their social media accounts and rank/give a score to how much inappropriate content their account contains.

Xpire plans to monetize this app by selling premium feature through in-app purchases.

My question to the class is: do you regret some of the posts that you have published on social media sites over the last several years? Would you download and use Xpire? Do you think that Staufer’s app will succeed? How do you define success of an app like this (number of users, revenue generated, etc.)?



One thought on “Xpire Makes Social Media Posts Disappear

  1. I think this app will be very useful if it ever becomes popular. Not necessarily for people to delete their posts, although some of them should be deleted, but the posts that others wrote about them. I am sure that app is only for personal use, but it would be great, if it can help people delete any posts (theirs or others) where they are mentioned or part of.

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