Isis recruitment video

As everyone has hopefully heard by now the Muslim extremist group “ISIS” is the most recent terrorist group threatening the United States and causing mass destruction in the Middle East.  ISIS is far more advanced than past terrorist organizations (al-queda), and their main source of influence has been social media. The terrorist group has been using social media (twitter, youtube, Instagram) as a propaganda tool, and their efforts have been effective at recruiting new members and receiving donations to support them. The things ISIS posts on social media ranges from videos of gruesome beheadings to photographs of cats holding ak-47’s.  Additionally, the videos ISIS shares are always of high definition and cinematic quality, which further represents their marketing strength and strategy. I would think that these social media outlets would be able to delete the organizations account immediately upon seeing such horrific content.

The article further discusses that ISIS is doing a better job at attracting new members through their own propaganda than the US is doing at counteracting the organization. “Think Again Turn Away” is a social media campaign and the main tool the US has developed to deter potential ISIS recruits. The campaign has been under heavy scrutiny because they have been directly engaging with ISIS members when the focus should strictly be on the recruits. The argument amongst american people, politicians, and veterans is that by engaging with ISIS has only been making them feel more powerful, and they have been using the attention as a means of motivation for new members. The US campaign has also posted photographs of dead ISIS members along with the destructive aftermath of US military airstrikes on ISIS territory.

Why aren’t top administrators of platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram deleting these accounts indefinitely?

Do you think it is smart for “Think Again Turn Away” to be engaging with ISIS through social media? and are graphic pictures of dead ISIS members okay/smart to be posting on its account?


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