Goodbye Facebook, Hello Ello?

We’ve been inundated with a wide array of social media sites for the past 10 years. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, and countless other popular social media sites over the past decade have engaged users in various different ways; however, they all have heavily depended on advertising and collecting mass amounts of data on users. A new social media site called Ello is aiming to forgo both of these practices.

Ello is, currently, an invite-only social media site with a simplified design that allows users to post pictures. The founders of the Ello want the site to “be about conversation and high-quality content.” Users have the option to simply go by a username or, more interestingly, remain completely anonymous. Although Ello allows users to be anonymous, it has a strong, zero-tolerance hate policy, a policy that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter cannot enforce. Many artists and designers are flocking to Ello largely because of its simplified look and aversion to overwhelming advertising.

The ad-free social network is an underserved market. Although many pundits are praising Ello for treading new ground in the social media world, the founders of the site have no intention of competing against Facebook or other established sites. They simply want to provide an alternative to the endless amount of advertisement and user data collection that they see as a major source of annoyance on traditional social media platforms.

What do you all think about Ello’s potential goals and ambitions? Do you think non-advertising social media sites will catch on? Will Ello inevitably give in to advertisers? Does the invite-only barrier intrigue you?

– Ryan Murray


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