Introduction of Apple Watch: A New Frontier for Apps?

It was hard to miss yesterday’s Apple news as the company’s latest announcement regarding the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus dominated much of the internet. In addition to the announcement of the newest iPhone incarnation, the web was abuzz with confirmation of the company’s first wearable device, the Apple Watch, slated for release early next year. As noted in this article, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo are already developing apps for Apple Watch with surely many more companies to follow.

In terms of these first companies, Twitter’s app for the device seems to work in the same way as the site and its mobile app which should create an easy transition for its users. Pinterest is developing an app that will work in conjunction with its site that will also give consumers a convenient way to easily locate and purchase the things that they have previously pinned. While it seems that Facebook and Yahoo are still in earlier stages of development for their respective apps, the ability to act on Facebook notifications via Apple Watch would seem to be a good initial draw for users on the go. Isn’t that the most exciting part of Facebook anyway? Plus, as the article notes, the apparent difficulty of incorporating advertising into apps for the Apple watch may make it even more enticing for consumers who have grown weary of banner ads dominating their favorite social sites or for those who are freaked out by the focused precision of its advertising (myself included). It will be interesting to see how the first versions of these apps work on the device once it launches next year and how Apple Watch itself will appeal to consumers.

As we discussed in class on Monday, the concept of second screen viewing has become commonplace in today’s culture as many look to their phones for entertainment, news, social media and a host of other resources available to them conveniently at their fingertips. With the introduction of Apple Watch and other wearable devices with app capability, are we entering a new phase of the digital age? Will third screen viewing now become the new norm? Do you think that you personally will invest in an Apple Watch and if so, do you think that it will be a success? I don’t know if I’m sold on the idea yet but am certainly interested in following its progress.

-Beth Dellipriscoli


2 thoughts on “Introduction of Apple Watch: A New Frontier for Apps?

  1. I would be skeptical to purchase the watch at the onset of release because I would tend to wait to see that Apple has an opportunity to get any potential bugs out, but I feel in the long term it is a device I would obtain. On Friday, 9/12/14, I watched an interesting interview with CEO Tim Cook that aired on PBS, “Charlie Rose”,, that discussed the state of where Apple is and the team, but particularly of interest was the discussion on the releases this week of 6, 6 Plus, Applepay, and the Watch with iOS8 forthcoming. The Watch is credited as a very personal device opening up a wide area that connects people with a health and fitness component, stores heartbeat, acts as a personal trainer, allows interaction with Doctors and allows interaction with apps aimed at a whole new level to enrich peoples lives, thus opening an entirely new field in Healthcare. One aspect called “Healthkit” puts all the data in Health apps and aggregates them in order to build a comprehensive view of your health data, all while guarding privacy. As people age and live longer relating to the capacity of maintaining Healthcare, having a depository to manage one’s personal health information, records, medications, etc. and the enormous issues we currently face as a Nation, I see the Apple Watch as a life changing tool.

    An interesting point Tim Cook raised, (although it was launched later than Samsung’s watch and others), and was in development for about three years, it had to be for Apple (their approach not necessarily being first but being the best), personal and express an element of taste and style – it wasn’t designed solely as a technology only tool. To me, this is reflective of the legacy of Steve Jobs design principles that he was so notorious for.

  2. I don’t normally buy first generation anything I don’t have the excitement in this product, only because I carry my phone with me all the time. I do not see how the Iwatch being more efficient for me to send a tweet or update a status when I have my phone right in my pocket.

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