Instagram Leaks What Looks A Lot Like A Snapchat Clone

Instagram may be following in the footsteps of its parent company, Facebook,
by developing a Snapchat clone called Bolt and prematurely leaking it, too.
“Bolt” is described as a “one-tap photo messaging” app, and looks a lot like
ephemeral service Snapchat. But when users tried to click through to learn
more about the product, they were linked to a dead end on the Google Play
store. Bolt could be Instagram’s own Snapchat clone, perhaps because
adoption of the Snapchat-like feature Instagram Direct — which lets people
send private photo messages to other users — is not meeting expectations.

It’s interesting to think about whether Bolt could wind up looking more like
Taptalk, a new photo chat app that’s apparently faster than Snapchat. That
would make some sense, considering TechCrunch reported last month that
Facebook may be building a Taptalk copycat of its own, a rumor that has not
yet been borne out.

Besides, Instagram already has Instagram Direct, which is a photo
messaging feature. With Instagram Direct, you can send videos or pictures to
a few select friends. This is similar to Snapchat. In other words, it’s
Snapchat but the photos don’t disappear.Does it make sense for Facebook and
Instagram to make their messaging features more robust if Bolt will be
launched? So what do you think of the leak of “Bolt”? And considering the
competition between Snapchat and Instagram, will Bolt hurt instagram in some
way in the future?



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