Both sides in the conflict in Gaza have been taking to social media to try to control the social narrative.  Both Hamas and the IDF have dedicated in-house professionals who help sway outside opinion. The IDF has 327,000 followers on Twitter; Hamas has 58,000. Social media is changing the face of news as we know it: This conflict rivals the World Cup for Twitter traffic. The World Cup final had 270,292 tweets with a #worldcup hashtag, while on the day the offensive started in Gaza, there were 319,757 mentions of “Gaza”. The real difference between now and prior conflicts is the real-time nature of reporting. The dedicated IDF team sifts through videos and reports as soon as they reach the “video war room”, and sent out to blogs and IDF accounts. The turnaround is sometimes as short as a few hours.


Israel and Hamas Take Fight to Social Media

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