Coming Soon to Social Media: Click to Buy Now

Coming Soon to Social Media: Click to Buy Now

Get ready to go shopping on Social Media! Facebook is testing out a way for you to go shopping by scrolling through your newsfeed. Some advertisements will have a buy button. And with a click you can purchase the item in the ad. All transactions, your credit card information, shipping address, everything is all handled inside Facebook. The network says that it won’t share your credit card info with other advertisers. You may not see the buy button all the time; it’s just a test right now over to some small and medium-sized businesses in the US. This is not the first time that Facebook has dabbled in online shopping. Remember when you can buy online actual physical gifts like Teddy Bears and Chocolates and mail it to your friends? That wasn’t very successful. So Facebook gifts are now just digital gift cards and there were Facebook credits; a currency just for spending money on Facebook but that has been discontinued.


Twitter has also gotten into the social shopping game. Last year it launched a partnership with the American Express so cardholders can get discounts by tweeting special hashtags. Amazon started leading new shop on Twitter. If someone tweets out a link to an Amazon product, you can reply with a #amazoncart to add that item to your shopping cart.


Starbucks can even let you tweet a cup of coffee, well a tweet just actually sends someone a $5 gift card. And as silly as it may sound, Twitter is just getting warmed up. The network acquired Card Spring; that’s a company that links up credit cards with applications for mobile shopping. So as social media companies try to become Amazon, Amazon is trying to take on Oyster. Amazon has officially launched the kindle unlimited service, where for $10 a month you can get unlimited access to 600,000 E-Books and thousands of audible audio books. And you can get them from any mobile device. It’s kind of like Netflix for books and that’s exactly what the company Oyster offers. Oyster is also a $10 a month for unlimited book service. The company Scribed also offers all you can read for at $9 a month but what matters most is quality of content because not every best seller would be found on these services because not all publishers work with them. Just like the early days of Netflix, it takes time to get quality titles. And you should know that this Kindle unlimited service is different from what prime members have which is called Kindle Owners’ Lending Library that just gives prime members one free book at a time on their kindle. But you know there is another service that’s out there that can get you free E-Book Rentals and it’s called the PUBLIC LIBRARY!!!



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