Twitter’s Amplify looks beyond big events for TV Advertisers

ios_homescreen_iconOne of the common themes we have explored in class is the difficulty that Twitter has in designing some sort of profitable model for the future in order to remain relevant.

One of their recent attempts has been with Amplify, which allows advertisers to post realtime in-tweet video tweets with pre-roll and post-roll advertising. The article details how this has been a huge success for major sporting events and highlights the 54-hit rally in the US open last summer which went viral on the social media network and allowed Heineken to add 2,300 followers. But the product has not really taken off outside of live events; TV shows for example are not seen as particularly viable for the product yet. 

One of the key quotes from the piece for me is this one:

“The value proposition is tricky,” a media buyer agreed. “Advertisers need to pay both the networks and Twitter. It is a nice chunk of money for something advertisers are not convinced has value.”

One of the reasons for that is that people have no interest in watching one scene from a show or even just one line of dialogue. Moreover, as we have discussed in class, the times when people huddle around a TV at a specific time to catch a show is long past. The new platforms and recording devices allow people to watch and rewatch the show they want when they want. 

And that is the question that I pose.

Does Amplify really have any value for promoting non-live events on Twitter and do you think it has a future?

What other kinds of companies can benefit from Amplify aside from TV networks?


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