Tech based Analytics for Sports…What next?

Before facing Brazil in the World Cup semifinals on Tuesday, the Germany soccer team did its homework, and for this they used a quantitative Big Data approach to do it.

It seems that all these started when a bunch of students at Cologne’s Sports University assembled years of research on the Brazilian team for team managers to pore through. The data included detailed analyses of all of Brazil’s players, including their favorite moves, how they have performed in high pressure situations, their reactions when fouled, how they sprint for the ball and more. The idea was that if the team could analyze as much useful data as it could get a hold of, then this could all be effectively used to prepare the player for that game.

Now critics on the other side comes back at this idea from different angles.. Some say technology in sports can only go so far and some are like these technologies must be utilized more for effective refereeing like how the NFL does. With Germany trouncing Brazil 7-1, perhaps the use of technology worked or maybe it was completely because of the weaker Brazilian side without star players like Neymar and Silva.

My question for our discussion would be

1) Are we going fwd, going to be seeing more and more applications like this where technology is going to be used for areas like sports?

2) Also what about all the other avenues where this kind of research can help unlock hidden patterns and unearth magical truths about so many things happening around us?



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