You Don’t Have to Feel Very Guilty About Using Your Smartphone While Parenting

Social Media

Often, technology and parenting are presented as two different activities that should commingle as little as possible. Many feel that adults are too involved in their own technology (social media, news, and work related issues) to focus on their kids, and as a substitute to their attention to their children, parents are giving children technology as a distraction. Many fear that allowing children to rely so heavily on iPad’s, smartphones, and laptops so soon in life will be detrimental to the development of the current generation of children. Groups are set against both parent’s using technology heavily in front of children and children growing up through “iPad parenting.” However, this article in the New York Times explains why parents should not necessarily feel guilty about using their smartphones in front of their children.

Pre-wireless Internet, working had to be done in an office. It was impossible to collaborate on a project without everyone being in the same room and workers did not have access to the technology needed to do their jobs. The invention of mobile technology and collaborative software has allowed people to work from virtually anywhere. A parent can stay at home with their sick kid and still be able to work as if they were in their office. This article discusses how mobile technology may not always hinder one’s parenting abilities; it actually facilitates a parent’s ability to spend time with their children like never before. The author of this article realized that he did not have to feel guilty about using his phone for work while he was with his child because if it were not for his phone he would probably have to be at work not seeing his daughter at all. This New York Times article provides a different prospective on technology and parenting, which reminded me of the social media app that we discussed last week. 


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