Amazon’s Drone Delivery System

Amazon filed with the F.A.A. on Friday for permission to test its drone delivery system in the U.S. Amazon is arguing that it should be granted an exception from the current F.A.A. regulations because of the “enormous consumer benefits” the drone delivery system will provide to customers. Basically, Amazon is marketing this as “Prime Air” and it will get products to consumers even more quickly than the current prime delivery system. Amazon is also campaigning with the F.A.A. that testing in the U.S. will allow Amazon to keep job in U.S. rather than move them overseas. There has been no response from the F.A.A. yet, but the F.A.A. has previously stated that there will be no commercial use of drones allowed.

I find this delivery system to be incredibly futuristic and fascinating. Currently, Amazon Prime guarantees delivery of most products within 48 hours (sometimes one day). It is certainly changing the way our generation shops and run errands. If drone delivery system allows even faster delivery it could certainly provide even more access to consumers. Do you think this is feasible? Do you think the F.A.A. will make an exception for Amazon. It is hard to imagine seeing drones of packages flying around residential neighborhoods delivery boxes to people’s houses, but at the same time when I go on Amazon Prime and the product I want is two day delivery instead of one day I get frustrated because then means I have to go physically pick it up.


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