New App for Digitally Born Stars


Victorious Launches To Build Mobile Apps For YouTube Stars


With the rise of YouTube stars like Michelle Phan, a new startup company called Victorious is building an app to help them consolidate their social media presence and allow their fans and followers to find all of their content in one place.  The idea is that this will provide an even deeper level of engagement as fans create content around content created by the stars.  The company doesn’t aim to compete with established social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Instead, they want to give these digitally born stars tools to that will help them control their brand, get more feedback from fans with polls and support native advertising and ecommerce.

Victorious is already working with some top stars on YouTube like Ryan Higa, Michelle Phan, Boyce Avenue and Shay Carl.

I really found this article to be interesting and very timely since it’s relevant to many of the concepts that we’ve been discussing in class recently.  However, do you think this is a viable product.  With YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media plus their own sites, do you think these celebrities need/want another platform?  Clearly, the tools that they’ve been using have worked extremely well so far.


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