3D Printing is the Future of Social Media Marketing?



We all know about this new technology call 3D printing from recent news, but do we have enough knowledge to foresee the importance of this technology to other industry?

In the first article from Gearburn, the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas the Maya designed 3D printer could squirt 12 brilliant “trending flavors” or fillings, onto an Oreo base including banana, mint, and lime. All of the flavor can be decided by the customers. In the recent future, customers can have recipe of the cookies online, choose flavor and let the 3D machine bring them their favorite. In addition, if Oreo wants to market a new product, they could provide a simple link on their Twitter or Facebook fan page that let people with 3D printer try them before going out and buy the actual products.

The second article from 3DPrint provided information on 3D products that we have already been aware of which is actual clothes and furniture through online services. Soon personal products will be everywhere for you to find and print whenever you are browsing your favorite website and personal social network page.


Do you think 3D printing and social media would create a new trend in sales and marketing? And how far will they go in term of product deliver capability (cloth, furniture, personal care products??)


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