Felix Kjellberg has the most followers on Youtube – 27 million. Most of these are teenagers who follow his Vlogs of Felix playing games and hear his opinions and quirky behavior. He reviews games, and whether or not he gives a good review, the popularity of the games skyrockets. His wacky persona has generated a large following and helped to influence game designers – leading companies are now including the ability to see other gamers playing games at the same time (e.g. Sony and the latest Playstation 4).

PewDiePie bring in about $4 million in ad revenue a year, and signed on with Maker Studies in 2012. Maker Studios (with Pewds as their biggest character) was recently bought by Disney for what could be $1 billion.

Is this a growing trend – watching other people play video games? Does anyone else do this? What does this say about society as young kids see this and perhaps see this as a viable career path? For ‘Digital Natives’ perhaps this is just a natural progression from MMOGs?



YouTube’s Biggest Draw Plays Games, Earns $4 Million a Year

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