Let’s face it: social TV is dead



The Social TV trend hasn’t materialized the way as people expected. Someone think social TV was a solution to a problem that didn’t exist since most people don’t really want to “check in” to TV shows.

Personally, I think the idea of “check in” still has potential. The thing is TV, as we known for decades, is a one-way information delivery platform. People get used to sitting in front of TV and only receive information for relaxation. It’s hard to break the habit. Furthermore, people especially who are social media heavy users spend more and more time to watch TV shows or even movies with mobile device (Smartphone/Laptop/Tablet) in hand instead of TV. Maybe we need to break our traditional belief that small screen is actually the primary screen and the TV is the 2nd screen nowadays.

Last month Facebook added a feature that will automatically recognize what TV show or music is playing in the background, allowing users to share that information with friends. We will see if it works.


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