Social Media Posts and Timing



As it turns out, posting to social media is not enough. The time or day when posts are made is a major factor in the success of any social media post or campaign. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and etc all have different days and times when readers/followers are most likely to be reading, looking at or available to read your post or message. Facebook does best when before  or near the end of the weekday work day. Twitter does best on weekends near 1 PM.  LinkedIn is best just before or just after weekday workdays. The list goes on and on, as you will see in the article.

While this should seem like common sense, it is often a concept that is forgotten about or overlooked. Making sure your client, consumer, customer, etc actually sees your social media post is a key in making sure your campaign/post is effective! If you’re not posting at the right time, you’re doing it wrong and your campaign and the time spent on the campaign was wasted!



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