Hyperlocal apps help residents fight crime


Sometimes relying solely on police to solve crime is not enough. With the advent of local apps, watch groups are able to monitor their neighborhoods without actually having to be on the streets. From the participation of its residents in their community, a virtual watch forum can relay real time information across its network by crowdsourcing, looking for specific incidents or out of ordinary happenings occurring.

Simply by being more vigilant, burglaries in the community of Grandview, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona have dropped dramatically. Burglary trends were discovered by residents through the use of nextdoor.com, producing new leads for police to investigate. Utilizing these apps also allows for police to use their time more efficiently, with more time devoted to serious leads, and less time for minor incidents. This is a trend that I think will continue, as residents will always look for ways to be safer in their communities.


Hyperlocal apps help residents fight crime

One thought on “Hyperlocal apps help residents fight crime

  1. This kind of side benefit of hyperlocal apps is pretty powerful. What used to have to be reported or phoned in can be instantly added to a central location, no matter how trivial. This is an extension of the local community website or blog that keeps the neighborhood up to date with what’s happening. The knowledge that this kind of tool is in use can be reassuring people with young families or the elderly, for example, and perhaps even bring further benefits to the area in terms of higher property values?

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