The social media makes the world a global village. It is currently vibrating with “Bring-Back-Our Girls.” I am in support of this movement to ensure the safe return of over 200 school girls kidnapped by the infamous Boko Haram Islamist movement in northern Nigeria. Terrorism anywhere affects all, so let the UN, the US… come to the aid of Nigeria just as all hands are on deck in the search for the missing Malaysian plane.


3 thoughts on “Bring-Back-Our-Girls

  1. Hi Odey – Yes totally understand the impact of social mediums for tackling issues like this.. Did you read about the rallies for this cause all over the world? And about Boko, these guys are the most barbaric terror outfit in Africa and they are seriously making the Afghan/Pak Taliban look good – Taliban atleast never believed in selling the girls for 12 $(Yea! that is the ongoing rate) as wives for those militants. And given the fact that they are predominantly based out of Nigeria, which also happens to be the richest country in the region, this is truly outrageous. But then again, who here thinks that being rich also means wiser!!

    Now will US get involved? Dont think so…Whatever happened to POTUS commiting 100 troops towards nabbing the LRA commander, Joseph Kony? Also UN is considered a joke in the many parts of the world(Not my option, but have heard of it from several ppl)

  2. Thanks Nsasikumar. I agree with most of your points. The good news is that, thanks to the social media, the world is waking up and coming to the aid of Nigeria.

    • Totally agreeing with Sasikumar and Odey just adding my points.

      World leaders have appeared reluctant to intervene in Boko Haram’s activities despite the many atrocities the group have claimed responsibility for in the past.

      But this well-publicized attack due to social media(This hash tag has been tweeted more than one million times since it began trending).

      Social media appears to be a driving force behind the world-wide attention focused on this particular attack with many media-friendly celebrities using the hash tag #bring back our girls on Twitter to raise awareness.

      This has helped and seen the international community step forward and very publicly offer their assistance in the search.

      The US has agreed to send a team of up to 10 military personnel comprising experts to join State Department and Justice Department officers and British SAS liaison officers are understood to be already in Abuja, where they are looking at ways to assist rescue efforts.

      In this way the social media is helping to come to the rescue the gals and hope it succeeds.

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