The article attached describes how a grad student can use social media to their advantage for the following 5 purposes: 

Build a digital reputation

  2. Professional Networking

  3. Practice digital citizenship
  4. Job Searching   
  5. Alternative professional development

When you ask a Fordham grad student why they decided to pursue an MBA, a common response for one of the reasons is to build a professional network.  These 5 purposes outline great reasons why MBA students should focus on developing their professional network, and how. 

I personally have found social media platforms such as linked-in have created great tools to help manage these social networks.  I have connected with numerous classmates in a range of industries.  I have sought and given referrals from people I have worked closely with.  I have even had the existing opportunity to pass a former classmates resume onto my recruiting team. 

Most of networking opportunities in my MBA program have been through group projects.  Although often times dreaded…  these group projects allowed opportunities to learn from my fellow classmates, hear about different career opportunities, and exchange emails and connect through linked-in and Facebook.   

Have you been given enough opportunities in your MBA program to develop a successful professional network?   Have you ever used it? 

With programs such as Coursera and online MBA degree’s (which allow for great flexibility and convenience) gaining momentum, do you think a traditional MBA is at risk of declining?  Will the students who pursue these online degrees miss out on the professional networking opportunities? 


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