Facebook to the Scrap Heap?


In a recent article on gizmodo.com, the author discusses the need to rid ourselves of Facebook altogether and start over using new or currently existing social media sites and apps. The rationale for such a move is due to the fact that Facebook is going to make a concerted effort to dismantle itself and be moved into smaller functioning areas, such as one dealing only with messaging. The author states that “Facebook has gotten to large for its, and ourselves, own good”, and that “Facebook has gotten too large to ever feel small again”. Well, Zuckerberg seems to agree with these sentiments as he continues to buy up other people’s great idea’s such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Zuckerberg is aiming to take apart Facebook and re-create it, so to speak, with smaller components that specialize in one main function, such as pictures with Instagram.

It is true, in my opinion, that Facebook has gotten too large. There are so many “friends” that I have that half of which if I saw on the street I might not even say hello. Yet their messages, pictures, links, quotes, etc. fill up my News Feed everyday and it has just been a pain to look through. There are also so many functions on Facebook that I never use, such as messaging. What Zuckerberg is essentially trying to get us to do is use all of his new smaller app versions, leaving Facebook with a smaller feel once again. I, for one, am not so sure I want to go through the hassle, and agree with the author that there are already many well functioning and specified apps out there that won’t require the possible growing pains that will accompany Facebook’s new versions. And maybe it’s time we start using them, because the Facebook as we know it most likely won’t exist come sooner rather than later. As was said in the movie Jerry Maguire, the next question is, “so who’s coming with me?”



3 thoughts on “Facebook to the Scrap Heap?

  1. I agree. I believe that Facebook has become too large. I also have a number of friends that I don’t talk to and wouldn’t talk to if I saw them on the street. That probably means that I should defriend these people. But honestly, that takes a lot of time and effort. I think a different version of Facebook may cause the same problems. When they changed the version of Facebook and a great deal of new features were available, people started to lash out and request that Facebook revert to the older format. I think the same thing might happen again. I also agree that the smaller platforms are good. However, I really don’t want to create my friend base again on these smaller platforms, when Facebook is already done. I guess we will see what will happen.

  2. I want to say that at this point, it may be impossible to rid ourselves of Facebook- it has become, for some users, a necessary evil and a job requirement. Facebook may be starting to phase itself out, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take a long time to do so. Users and businesses have established pages and profiles, and it could take a significant number of years before those profiles cease to be the go-to profiles. I still have friends who use AIM- they haven’t received the message that no one uses AIM anymore.

  3. Personally I feel the same way. I avoid using Facebook now because there are just too many things I don’t care about. However, I understand the advantages for someone who wants to be able to do all of their social activity on one network as well as the advantages of the network effect. For many people it would be frustrating to start over or sign up for new networks especially ones that their friends or family are not already on. It’s certainly possible but I feel like for most people it would take some time and a lot of momentum to change over.

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