How to become a YouTube star


People may think that it is easy to become a star on YouTube. However, the reality is different. The article explains that the most successful YouTube members develop a following through years of uploading videos and interacting with fans on a daily, sometimes hourly basis – and the internet is no pot of easy money. A few members might make a small fortune through advertising revenues after creating a single video that goes viral, but they tend to be fly-by-night successes that soon disappear. There is, though, money to be made online, partly through advertising but also through discreet product placement and brand consultancy.

There are six YouTube stars described in the article and I think it is interesting to know that six of them are little known but are viewed as a star and they are all making a lot of money!

I think from the perspective of content creators or providers, YouTube is a very attractive platform mainly because of two reasons: (1) initial costs are almost zero so literally everybody can get a chance to be a YouTube star if you have an electronic device (e.g. PC, Mac, smart phones) and an access to the Internet; and (2) it has a great potential to bring you or ‘your business’ a large number of audience from all over the world in a short period of time. However, if somebody wants to become a successful YouTuber, making the contents  ‘ viral ‘ and appealing to viewers, and having the constant interactions with his/her fans are essential.

I don’t usually watch those kind of YouTube stars’ videos simply because there are so many of them, and it’s a very time-consuming process for me to decide which one to watch. However, I assume that many people are watching YouTube star’ s videos not only because they enjoy watching the contents themselves but also they enjoy having interactions and experiences of “closeness” with a star.

From the business perspective, I think using YouTube stars to advertise and promote products is appealing for companies due to its low-cost operation. My prediction is that there will be more and more companies that are willing to use YouTube stars to sell their products and to reach out wider audience from young to the elderly around the world.

Why do you think people would get attracted to YouTube stars? How do you see the future of “YouTube Star’s Business”?


5 thoughts on “How to become a YouTube star

  1. I think people are initially attracted to YouTube stars because they are under the wrong impression that they can attract attention easily. Users think that “if XYZ person can be YouTube famous, I can be too!” They are unaware of the interaction necessary to go viral.

  2. I get attracted by YouTube star—- Michelle Phan. YouTube is a video platform for normal people and it makes me feel that Michelle Phan is just a normal girl like me. So I could trust her and trust that the products she uses or recommends in video are really good. It’s like word of mouth, giving me more confidence to believe what she said, comparing to what movie stars said in ads.

  3. I think the idea of a YouTube star is a great idea. I have to say that I do not utilize YouTube that often. However, if I saw a YouTube individual who was friendly, gave good advice, and seemed reliable, I would follow that individual. For example, if there was a friendly and relateable YouTube star who taught an individual how to do makeup, I would follow that individual.
    My husband and I learned to tie a bowtie by watching a YouTube video. I find the “how to” videos to be very helpful and hte people relateable.

  4. The appeal of a YouTube star for me is that there’s something refreshingly organic about it. The person you’re watching hasn’t been anointed by a small group of kingmakers in a given industry, according to their whims and tastes, and all the politics that often go with it- they’re just being heralded for untapped, raw talent. Traditional distribution/supply channels only have so much capacity, and what YouTube stars have confirmed is that there is far more talent out there to be seen and heard, and there’s plenty of pent up demand for it.

  5. I think people are attracted to YouTube stars because of their relatability and because of notation that if others can be YouTube stars, they can too. I personally use YouTube a lot but I don’t follow any YouTube stars (or “real stars” for that matter).

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