Social Media’s Role on MH370


This article talks about people’s reaction on the disappearance of Malaysia airlines. Before and after Malaysia government’s announcement of air crush, there are continued reaction based on information flow. For example, right after the government’s announcement of air crush, some people analyze the reason Malaysia government keeps silent; some people provides the reason of the current fact; some people question Malaysia government’s attitude to the accident; some people reasons the result by laying out the back and forth evidence; some people speaks predicts the possible result in the future.
In this subsequent activity, the value of social media has been proved. Social media is an important part of information resources and it plays a vital role in big incident. The transformation of social media’s role from being a information platform into important information resources is the reflection of social media’s timeliness and efficiency.
The pattern of Weibo’s information spread is fission. This patten is stronger than any other form of media forms. Beside, the information push can happen alone with official way and media accounts, which ensures the rate of delivery. Weibo became the dominant information resource. It is both reasonable and accidental. The contingency of it is, it happened overseas, people can only rely on social media to acquire the most immediate information. The inevitability is, Weibo is already the dominant platform for big incident, and medias are used to rely on Weibo to acquire and justify relevant information. The most attractive point in this incident is, official account is both the truth talker and rumor producer. This enriched the definition of official account. This could be reasonable, it is hard to keep information 100% correct, especially in this emergency. What is within it is, the self-purification mechanism of information becomes the biggest challenge of social media.
My question is, as we become more and more reliable on Weibo or twitter, how could we improve the information’s self-purification mechanism of social media?



3 thoughts on “Social Media’s Role on MH370

  1. 1. We should check other news sources to verify the authenticity and accuracy of a news after we got the information on social media.

    2. Major news agency social media accounts should help the public to get the right news information through tens of information on social media.

  2. I think Social Media became a crucial source of news/ information nowadays. I remember, when the was this bomb that exploded during the Boston Marathon, people tweeted, posted videos, witnessed and shared information. The Boston Police department used Twitter and other Social Media platforms to communicate to the public and with all the materials they got from Twitter, they were able to find the two suspects pretty fast. I think it is a very powerful tool, however, we should keep a certain distance of the quality of information we get.
    In the case of the Malaysian airplane that disappeared, and having maybe trouble with the freedom of speech in countries like that, I think Social Media plays even a more important role. Through platforms like Twitter or Weibo, people can get information or share their thoughts. Here again, agencies could maybe use all the information to cooperate with the public and come to a faster result, like they did in Boston.
    I also agree with the 1 point of the previous comment. We shouldn’t only rely on Social platforms and should check other sources of information, because not everything is true. It could be used as a sort of manipulation, that’s why I said before we should still keep a certain distance from it.

  3. I absolutely use social for my news today, and know that I have to take everything with a grain of salt until I start to see multiple sources cover the same story. My biggest issue with “purifying” information on social is how we alert people that something is false. Do we not post it? That is censoring beyond our “rights” on social media in my opinion. How would this be flagged, and who would be regulating the information? I almost feel like that is the job of the traditional news outlets at this point.

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