Social Patriotism


With all of the recent events in Ukraine perhaps there could not be a better time for a new social site to help unite the country. The project called, aims to help create an online community for Ukrainians to connect and interact. The sites founder, Bogdan Oliyarchuk, started the project over a year ago in the hopes to give Ukrainians a unique social site to call their own. The recent Crimea events have pushed Olivarchuk and his team to work even harder to get the site up and running as fast as possible.

Clearly activists across the world have realized the potential power that can come from online social communities. The founder of has even gone so far as to say that these types of sites can now be considered “weapons”, and that Ukraine should have the same resources as other nations. Eventually hopes to install an encryption system so that no one will be able to get access to their users’ messages. Unfortunately for Ukraine, pro-Russian online activists also realize this, and have been able to stall the launch of the website via cyber attacks. have encouraged pro-Ukrainian users of Russian social sites to delete their pages and leave the message “We Are Ukranean, We are”. hopes to be live this week.

Are new patriotic social sites like going to be the norm for activists and uprisings? Although’s founder has said the site is open to anyone, do you believe we will begin to see a movement more towards private social sites that can be used as “weapons” to help fuel movements?



One thought on “Social Patriotism

  1. I have to say that I love the idea of a social network for protestors and causes. What better place than social media to gather strength in numbers for a particular cause? On a platform, users across the world can be reached and can give support to a cause…in this case, peace in the Ukraine. However, I think there is no substitute for an old-fashioned protest. Social can be used to bring the people together, but physical bodies protesting could make more of an impression. Both methods working together would help a cause in greater depth.

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