Tweet, Re-Tweet, and Buy!

Twitter Commerce

Is Twitter looking to start up commerce? According to this article and this article, it seems so! The service, in what is now being referred to as “Twitter Commerce”, would allow users to purchase directly in app through tweets. Based on leaked mock-ups of the potential platform, re/code says, “Twitter Commerce tweets will appear inside of Twitter users streams, much like the company’s Promoted Tweet advertising products….. Expand the tweet, and you’ll see photos of the product for sale, along with a description of the item and a section for related products for purchase. From there, you’re prompted to enter your name, address and credit card information, all “handled securely within the Twitter app,”……And finally, it looks as if Commerce customers may be able to track the shipping status of their order on a map, and receive shipping updates.”

Although Twitter has yet to confirm any of this, the evidence is convincing. Based on a series of interesting hires, want ads and leaked images on the internet, it seems like Twitter is making a move to get serious about commerce services on its platform. According to TechCrunch, Twitter has places wants ads looking to hire for roles including “Commerce Product Manager”, “Commerce Product Marketing Manager”, and “Senior Manager for Commerce Partnerships”. Also, just prior to going public, Twitter hired ex-Tickemaster CEO Nathan Hubbard, presumably to handle their commerce business.

My question to everyone is how successful do you think Twitter Commerce will become? Will it be an extension of something like Pinterest? Will it one day rival the likes of Amazon? Facebook has tried something similar it its targeted ads and physical gift sales, but that hasn’t gotten it anywhere. What does this mean in terms of dark social? Will ads and tweets prompting you to buy something annoy the user base and force everyone to migrate to yet another new platform?


2 thoughts on “Tweet, Re-Tweet, and Buy!

  1. I feel as though so-called Twitter Commerce could take off, but it will not be the greatest source of cyber commerce overall. We are creatures of habit – at least the Millennial generation will be accustomed to shopping via Amazon, and not via Twitter. At least in my mind, Twitter is for communicating, and not for shopping. For some, identity theft could also be a concern.

  2. I can see this type of commerce thriving in an image driven space like Pinterest of Instagram, but I can see Twitter users, who mainly use this service for information and news, will get annoyed with these types of product ads. In the worst case they will be ignored by members. It could be a viable opportunity to capitalize on key words/product names used in Tweets, data that Twitter has in abundance. If there was a way to integrate commerce without distracting from one’s Twitter feed, it could be a successful venture.

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